WebViewTM is an end to end Financial Reporting platform for your clients, management and regulators. It provides everything you need to build a white-label, multi-asset class and multi-currency platform. The platform uses the latest web technologies to provide an unrivaled cross-platform experience. Track key metrics in real-time on the web, mobile or tablet - wherever you have an internet connection. Explore your data in a granular manner with interactive and responsive graphs and tables. Having a clear, concise view of complex data provides a unique competitive advantage. It gives you the ability to spot emerging patterns in your data and act, while your competitors are still trying to make heads or tails of there own infromation.

  • Provides a single look and feel for all reporting across disparate systems and sources.
  • Accesable wherever you have an internet connection - via the web, mobile or tablet..
  • Full audit trail of all information in the system - all the way back to source.

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DataViewTM is an end to end Financial Data Management Platform that streamlines business processes, reducing key risks and overheads. It creates business efficiency by reducing or eliminating the time spent by key business personnel on the production, calculation, aggregation, validation and reconciliation of data, allowing them to focus rather on the business behind the data, assured that it is accurate and reproducible. With a proven track record in global Investment Banking, DataView can also be used in small to medium sized financial companies.

Dataview will combine your disparate data sources and systems, eliminate the inaccuracies, transform each source to fit one standard, providing your organization with relevant  and reliable management information.

Dataview significantly increases productivity and reduces the costs associated with processing data and generating compulsory business unit and company KPIs, through automation of the whole process, thereby freeing up expertise and skills for a competitive edge in the market.

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Formation is a unique and innovative application that allows business users to create complex web applications in Facebook, Google+, the Internet and Intranet, without writing a single line of code.

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Sequential Cross Platform Business Framework

Sequential IT's Cross Platform Business Framework is an extensible base on which to build business applications. From low level technical services such as monitoring/configuration/environment/deployment management, to medium level business services such as security management / real-time data / data and reporting management, to high level business process management, our framework will fit the needs of any organisation, large or small. 

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Financial Statement Analyser

Sequential IT offers a unique Financial Statement Analyser that will digest XBRL formatted financial statements and extract out both common and bespoke metrics and ratios from US-GAAP and IFRS taxonomies. It can listen to regulatory feeds like the SEC filer and automatically process quarterly and annual reports as they are published by the regulatory body.

These metrics can then be used to either filter out non-perfoming companies or to value them and compare this valuation against the current stock price.

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