Financial Statement Analyser

What is the Financial Statement Analyser

Sequential IT offers a unique Financial Statement Analyser that will digest XBRL formatted financial statements and extract out both common and bespoke metrics and ratios from US-GAAP and IFRS taxonomies. It can listen to regulatory feeds like the SEC filer and automatically process quarterly and annual reports as they are published by the regulatory body.

These metrics can then be used to either filter out non-perfoming companies or to value them and compare this valuation against the current stock price.

The Benefits of the Financial Statement Server


1. The Statement Analyser can process any XBRL document given to it on a case by case basis, but it will typically be set up to listen on an RSS feed (from the SEC filer, for example) and assimilate all financial statements from all companies as soon as they are published.

2. The actual analysis takes seconds enabling key business personnel and investors to quickly and easily determine whether a company has investment potential. Manual number crunching is no longer needed.  

Competitive Edge

With the "Financial Statement Analyser" a company can plug in its own bespoke ratios and rules, and with the automation of the process, have an edge over competitors.

Unique Selling points of the Financial Statement Server

The Statement Analyser understands the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and CashFlow Statement. Most other XBRL viewers only know how to display them on a web page, and lack this contextual knowledge.

Sequential's "Financial Statement Analyser" will display all of the companies analysed in a intuitive and succinct manner enabling investors to make a like-on-like comparison at a glance.

No matter how complex your bespoke rules and metrics are, the "Financial Statement Analyser" can process the data in record time and present it in an easy to read summary format.